How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously Without the person knowing

To view Facebook stories anonymously, without being discovered, you need to use some tricks. After all, by default, the social network always shows who viewed the photos and videos posted in stories, with no option to see the hidden.


We’ve put together the best tips for snooping through posts anonymously via mobile and PC. Check out!

With the help of an app

THE Bluer for Facebook + Messenger Its main objective is to unite the features of Facebook and Messenger in a single app. But, to top it off, it offers the option to see the stories of your friends on the network without being discovered.


Therefore, before following the step by step below, you must download the application, available for free for Android.

1. Open Bluer for Facebook + Messenger and go to Login with Facebook;

2. Access your Facebook account;


3. Now, go to the icon of a circle, with the line partially dashed to access the stories;

4. It is possible that on the first access you will see written no results. just tap on To update to load posts;

5. So, just tap on the stories to open and view them without being discovered.


Without downloading anything

If you don’t want to download an app, whether it’s to not waste data or because you don’t want to link your Facebook account to third-party developers, you can resort to a few tricks. Tips may not be as effective as the app, but they definitely break a stick.

Airplane mode

This tip is nothing more than activating the cell’s airplane mode at the right time. The following walkthrough was done on an Android smartphone, but the trick works for the iPhone as well.

1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile and refresh the page by pulling the screen from top to bottom;


2. Now turn on airplane mode on your mobile. In general, in Android, the option is in the menu of Quick Settings, accessible by dragging the phone screen from top to bottom. At the iPhone, the resource is in the Control Center;

3. With airplane mode turned on, go back to the Facebook app and tap on stories. The app will only display those that appear highlighted. If the person has made more than one post, they will only be able to see the most recent one;

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4. When finished viewing, close the Facebook app before disabling airplane mode. Thus, it guarantees that it will not even be discovered. On newer versions of Android and iPhone, simply drag your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.


Then, once again, push the Facebook app screen upward until it no longer appears.

Drag to the side. But not much!

Another way to see stories without being discovered is to move on to the next post without letting go of the screen. The tip works only for photos and only allows you to view only the most recent post.

When you find the post you want to see, tap the one that comes right before it. Then drag your finger from right to left, as if to move to the story you want to view. The trick here is to skip the image all the way and keep your finger holding the screen.

When finished viewing, without releasing the screen, drag the story from left to right again. Thus, it is possible to snoop through almost the entire image and not be discovered.

Deactivate your Facebook account

This tip is recommended for anyone who ALREADY viewed someone’s story and yet he doesn’t want to be discovered. Although a little extreme, it is the last measure for those who accidentally accessed the stories and are desperate for anonymity.

When deactivating your account for 24 hours, your profile picture will not be displayed to the post author. On the other hand, this means spending a whole day without accessing the social network.

If you decide it’s still worth it, try turning it off immediately after viewing the post. After all, in the interval between viewing and acting, the post creator can check who has seen the post and find his name there. The option is available at settings from Facebook, in the section Account Ownership and Control.

our guide How to delete Facebook from mobile and PC shows you step by step how to disable the account. Deactivation is different from exclusion and allows the user to take a break from the social network. That way, when you want to come back, you can retrieve your account and all the information related to it.

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If you don’t want to be without using Facebook, another possible solution is blocking the contact. The problem is that the action also unfriends the user if he is added as your friend on the social network.

To block, follow the path: user profile → three dots icon below name → Block.

How to See Stories of Who Is Not My Friend

Unfortunately, it is only possible to view the stories of someone who is not your friend if the person sets the privacy of this type of publication to the public. Still, you need to be logged in to your Facebook account to be able to see them.

How to know who has seen my Stories

It’s very simple to know who has seen your stories. just go on Your Story, at the top of the screen, to open it. On the PC, on the right, you will see it written x viewers, with the names you saw below.

In the mobile app, this number of people you viewed is in the lower-left corner of the screen. If you want to know who saw it, just tap on it.

Changing Stories Privacy

If you’re not very satisfied with who’s been following your stories, know that you can select who can see them. After adding a photo, video or text, go to the gear icon (⚙). Choose whether you want the publication to be:

  • public: for Facebook friends, followers, and people you’ve chatted with on Messenger;
  • Friends: for Facebook friends only. It doesn’t include people you’ve chatted with on Messenger and aren’t friends with on the social network;
  • Custom: the user can choose from the friend’s list who can see the post.

After choosing, go to To save. Then make the final adjustments to your post and finish in the end story.