How to Watch Gintama Without Fillers (Gintama Filler List)

Even the Amanto, aliens in outer space, have invaded Earth and shot within feudal Japan. Consequently, a prohibition on knives was demonstrated, along with the samurai of Japan are handled with discount for a consequence.


However 1 person, Gintoki Sakata, nevertheless owns the center of the samurai, even though out of his love of candy and operate for a yorozuya, an individual may not anticipate it. Accompanying him into his jack-of-all-trades lineup of job would be Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a solid heart, Kagura together with her umbrella and apparently bottomless stomach, in addition to Sadaharu, their oversize pet .

Obviously, these strange tasks aren’t always straightforward, since they often have run-ins together with the authorities, ragtag rebels, along with assassins, often resulting in funny but unfortunate effects.



1You Guys!! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (Part 1)Filler2006-04-04
2You Guys!! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (Part 2)Filler2006-04-04
3Nobody with Naturally Wavy Hair Can Be That BadManga Canon2006-04-11
4Watch Out! Weekly Shonen Jump Sometimes Comes Out on Saturdays!Manga Canon2006-04-25
5Make Friends You Can Call by Their Nicknames, Even When You’re an Old FartManga Canon2006-05-02
6Keep Your Promise Even If It Kills YouManga Canon2006-05-09
7Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their PetsManga Canon2006-05-16
8There Is Butt A Fine Line Between Persistence And StubbornnessManga Canon2006-05-23
9Fighting Should Be Done With FistsManga Canon2006-05-30
10Eat Something Sour When You’re TiredManga Canon2006-06-06
11Look, Overly Sticky Sweet Dumplings Are Not Real Dumplings, You Idiot!Manga Canon2006-06-13
12People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually SuckManga Canon2006-06-13
13If You’re Going To Cosplay, Go All OutManga Canon2006-06-20
14You Only Gotta Wash Under Your Armpits – Just the ArmpitsManga Canon2006-07-04
15Pets Resemble Their OwnersManga Canon2006-07-11
16If You Stop And Think About It, Your Life’s a Lot Longer as an Old Guy Than a Kid! Whoa, Scary!!Manga Canon2006-07-18
17Sons Only Take After Their Father’s Negative AttributesManga Canon2006-07-25
18Oh, Yeah! Our Crib Is Number One!Manga Canon2006-08-01
19Why’s the Sea So Salty? Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming!Manga Canon2006-08-08
20Watch Out for Conveyer Belts!Manga Canon2006-08-15
21If You’re A Man, Try The Swordfish!Manga Canon2006-08-22
22Marriage Is Prolonging An Illusion For Your Whole LifeManga Canon2006-09-05
23When You’re In A Fix, Keep On Laughing, Laughing…Manga Canon2006-09-12
24Cute Faces Are Always Hiding SomethingManga Canon2006-09-19
25A Shared Soup Pot Is A Microcosm Of LifeManga Canon2006-10-05
26Don’t Be Shy – Just Raise Your Hand And Say ItManga Canon2006-10-12
27Some Things Can’t Be Cut With A SwordManga Canon2006-10-19
28Good Things Never Come In Twos (But Bad Things Do)Manga Canon2006-10-26
29Don’t Panic – There’s A Return Policy!Manga Canon2006-11-02
30Even Teen Idols Act Like You GuysManga Canon2006-11-09
31You Always Remember The Things That Matter The LeastManga Canon2006-11-16
32Life Moves On Like A Conveyor BeltManga Canon2006-11-23
33Mistaking Someone’s Name Is Rude!Manga Canon2006-11-30
34Love Doesn’t Require A ManualManga Canon2006-12-07
35Love Doesn’t Require A Manual (Continued)Manga Canon2006-12-14
36People With Dark Pasts Can’t Shut UpManga Canon2006-12-21
37People Who Say That Santa Doesn’t Really Exist Actually Want To Believe In HimManga Canon2006-12-28
38Only Children Play In The SnowManga Canon2007-01-11
39Ramen Shops With Long Menus Never Do WellManga Canon2007-01-18
40Give A Thought To Planned PregnancyManga Canon2007-01-25
41You Can’t Judge A Movie By Its TitleManga Canon2007-02-01
42You Know What Happens If You Pee On A WormManga Canon2007-02-08
43Make Characters So Anybody Can Tell Who They Are By Just Their SilhouettesManga Canon2007-02-15
44Mom’s Busy, Too, So Quit Complaining About What’s For DinnerManga Canon2007-02-22
45Walk Your Dog At An Appropriate SpeedManga Canon2007-03-01
46Adults Only. We Wouldn’t Want Anyone Immature In Here…Manga Canon2007-03-08
47Do Cherries Come From Cherry Trees?Manga Canon2007-03-15
48The More You’re Alike, The More You FightManga Canon2007-03-22
49A Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without WasabiManga Canon2007-03-29
50Pending Means Pending, It’s Not FinalFiller2007-04-05
51Milk Should Be Served At Body TemperatureManga Canon2007-04-12
52If You Want To See Someone, Make An Appo FirstManga Canon2007-04-19
53Stress Makes You Bald, But It’s Stressful To Avoid Stress, So You End Up Stressed Out, So In The End There’s Nothing You Can DoManga Canon2007-04-26
54Mothers Everywhere Are All The SameManga Canon2007-05-03
55Don’t Make Munching Noises When You EatManga Canon2007-05-10
56When Looking For Things You’ve Lost, Remember What You Were Doing On The Day You Lost ItManga Canon2007-05-24
57Keep An Eye On The Chief For The DayFiller2007-05-17
58Croquette Sandwiches Are Always The Most Popular Food Sold At The StallsManga Canon2007-05-31
59Be Careful Not To Leave Your Umbrella SomewhereManga Canon2007-06-07
60The Sun Will Rise AgainManga Canon2007-06-14
61On A Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn To The LightManga Canon2007-06-21
62Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn Into MummysManga Canon2007-06-28
63The Preview Section In JUMP Is Always UnreliableManga Canon2007-07-05
64Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full In No Time!Manga Canon2007-07-12
65Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys That Life Is PreciousManga Canon2007-07-19
66Dango Over FlowersManga Canon2007-07-26
67For The Wind Is The LifeManga Canon2007-08-02
68Like A Haunted House, Life Is Filled With HorrorsManga Canon2007-08-09
69Please Help By Separating Your TrashManga Canon2007-08-16
70Too Many Cuties Can Make You SickManga Canon2007-08-23
71Some Data Cannot Be ErasedManga Canon2007-08-30
72A Dog’s Paws Smell FragrantManga Canon2007-09-06
73Think For A Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All That Good?Manga Canon2007-09-13
74The Manga Writer Becomes A Pro, After Doing A Stock Of ManuscriptsManga Canon2007-09-20
75Don’t Complain About Your Job At Home, Do It Somewhere ElseFiller2007-09-27
76In Those Situations, Keep Quiet And Cook Red Rice With BeansManga Canon2007-10-04
77Yesterday’s Enemy, After All Is Said And Done, Is Still The EnemyManga Canon2007-10-11
78People Who Are Picky About Food Are Also Picky About People, TooManga Canon2007-10-18
79Four Heads Are Better Than OneManga Canon2007-10-25
80When Someone Who Wears Glasses Takes Them Off, It Looks Like Something’s MissingManga Canon2007-11-08
81A Woman’s Best Make Up Is Her SmileManga Canon2007-11-15
82You Don’t Stand In Line For The Ramen, You Stand In Line For The Self SatisfactionMixed Canon/Filler2007-11-22
83Rank Has Nothing To Do With LuckManga Canon2007-11-29
84Hard-Boiled Egg On A Man’s HeartManga Canon2007-12-06
85Hard-Boiled Eggs Don’t CrackManga Canon2007-12-13
86It’s Often Difficult To Sleep When You’re Engrossed With Counting SheepManga Canon2007-12-20
87Perform A German Suplex On A Woman Who Asks If She Or The Job Is More ImportantManga Canon2007-12-27
88The Most Exciting Part Of A Group Date Is Before It StartsManga Canon2008-01-10
89What Happens Twice, Happens ThriceManga Canon2008-01-17
90The More Delicious The Food, The Nastier It Is When It Goes BadManga Canon2008-01-24
91If You Want To Lose Weight, Then Stop Eating And Start MovingManga Canon2008-01-31
92Be A Person Who Can See People’s Strong Points And Not Their Weak PointsManga Canon2008-02-07
93Even A Hero Has IssuesManga Canon2008-02-14
94When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab The Straps With Both HandsManga Canon2008-02-21
95Men, Be A MadaoManga Canon2008-02-28
96If You’re A Man, Don’t Give UpManga Canon2008-03-06
97Exaggerate The Tales Of Your Exploits By A Third, So Everyone Has A Good TimeManga Canon2008-03-13
98Play Video Games For Only An Hour A DayManga Canon2008-03-20
99Life And Video Games Are Full Of BugsManga Canon2008-03-27
100The More Something Is Disliked, The More Lovely It IsManga Canon2008-04-03
101Rules Are Made To Be BrokenManga Canon2008-04-10
102Otaku Are TalkativeManga Canon2008-04-17
103There’s A Thin Line Between Strengths And WeaknessesManga Canon2008-04-24
104Important Things Are Hard To SeeManga Canon2008-05-01
105It’s All About The Beat And TimingManga Canon2008-05-08
106Love Is Often Played Out In Sudden DeathFiller2008-05-15
107Kids Don’t Understand How Their Parents FeelManga Canon2008-05-22
108Some Things are Better Left UnsaidManga Canon2008-05-29
109Life Is A TestManga Canon2008-06-05
110People Are All Escapees Of Their Own Inner PrisonsManga Canon2008-06-12
111Definitely Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See The Things You Use For Cross-DressingMixed Canon/Filler2008-06-19
112Lucky Is A Man Who Gets Up And Goes To WorkManga Canon2008-06-26
113Cleaning The Toilet Cleanses The SoulManga Canon2008-07-03
114They Say Soy Sauce On Pudding Tastes Like Sea Urchin, But Soy Sauce On Pudding Only Tastes Like Pudding And Soy SauceFiller2008-07-10
115Summer Vacation Is The Most Fun Right Before It BeginsManga Canon2008-07-17
116The Older, The WiserManga Canon2008-07-24
117Beauty Is Like A Summer FruitManga Canon2008-07-31
118Even If Your Back Is Bent, Go Straight ForwardManga Canon2008-08-07
119Within Each Box Of Cigarettes, Are One Or Two Cigarettes That Smell Like Horse DungManga Canon2008-08-14
120Japanese Restaurants Abroad Taste Pretty Much Like School Cafeteria LunchesMixed Canon/Filler2008-08-21
121Novices Only Need A Flathead And A PhillipsManga Canon2008-08-28
122Imagination Is Nurtured In The 8th GradeManga Canon2008-09-04
123Always Keep A Screwdriver In Your HeartManga Canon2008-09-11
124When Nagging Goes Too Far It Becomes IntimidatingFiller2008-09-18
125Entering The Final Chapter!Filler2008-09-25
126Some Things Can Only Be Conveyed Through The Written WordManga Canon2008-10-02
127Sometimes You Must Meet To UnderstandManga Canon2008-10-09
128Sometimes You Can’t Tell Just By Meeting SomeoneManga Canon2008-10-16
129Beware Of Food You Pick Up Off The GroundManga Canon2008-10-23
130Cat Lovers And Dog Lovers Are Mutually ExclusiveManga Canon2008-10-30
131Fights Often Ensue During TripsManga Canon2008-11-06
132Briefs Will Unavoidably Get SkidmarksManga Canon2008-11-13
133Gin And His Excellency’s Good-For-NothingsManga Canon2008-11-20
134Be Very Careful When Using Ghost StoriesManga Canon2008-11-27
135Before Worrying About The Earth, Think About The Even More Endangered Future Of ‘Gintaman’Filler2008-12-04
136It’s Your House, You Build ItManga Canon2008-12-11
13799% Of Men Aren’t Confident In Confessing Their LoveFiller2008-12-18
138Let’s Talk About The Old Days Once In A WhileManga Canon2008-12-25
139Don’t Put Your Wallet In Your Back PocketManga Canon2009-01-08
140Beware Of Those Who Use An Umbrella On A Sunny Day!Manga Canon2009-01-15
141Butting Into A Fight Is DangerousManga Canon2009-01-22
142Life Is A Series Of ChoicesManga Canon2009-01-29
143Those Who Stand On Four Legs Are Beasts. Those Who Stand On Two Legs, Guts, And Glory Are MenManga Canon2009-02-05
144Don’t Trust Bedtime StoriesManga Canon2009-02-12
145The Color For Each Person’s Bond Comes In Various ColorsManga Canon2009-02-19
146The Taste Of Drinking Under Broad Daylight Is Something SpecialManga Canon2009-02-26
147All Adults Are Instructors For All ChildrenManga Canon2009-03-05
148Zip Up Your Fly Nice And SlowlyManga Canon2009-03-12
149When Breaking A Chuubert In Half, The End With The Knob Should Be Better. It’s Also Tasty To Drink From ThereManga Canon2009-03-19
150If You Can’t Beat Them, Join ThemFiller2009-03-26
151A Conversation With A Barber, During A Haircut, Is The Most Pointless Thing In The WorldManga Canon2009-04-02
152The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead Of Another ManManga Canon2009-04-09
153Sleep Helps A Child GrowManga Canon2009-04-16
154That Person Looks Different From Usual During A Birthday PartyManga Canon2009-04-23
155The Other Side Of The Other Side Of The Other Side Would Be The Other SideFiller2009-04-30
156It Takes A Bit Of Courage To Enter A Street Vendor’s StandManga Canon2009-05-07
157Any Place With A Bunch Of Men Gathered Around Will Turn Into A BattlefieldManga Canon2009-05-14
158If A Friend Gets Injured, Take Him To The Hospital, Stat!Manga Canon2009-05-21
159If One Orange In The Box Is Rotten, The Rest Of Them Will Become Rotten Before You Realize ItManga Canon2009-05-28
160From A Foreigner’s Perspective, You’re The Foreigner. From An Alien’s Perspective, You’re The AlienManga Canon2009-06-04
161Laputa’s Still Good After Seeing It So Many TimesManga Canon2009-06-11
162Love Is UnconditionalManga Canon2009-06-18
163The Black Ships Even Make A Scene When They SinkManga Canon2009-06-25
164That Matsutake Soup Stuff Tastes Better Than The Real DealFiller2009-07-02
165If It Works Once, It’ll Work Over And Over AgainManga Canon2009-07-09
166Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than OneFiller2009-07-16
167Smooth Polygons Smooth Men’s Hearts TooManga Canon2009-07-23
168The Human Body Is Like A Little UniverseManga Canon2009-07-30
169The Chosen IdiotsManga Canon2009-08-06
170And Into The Legend…Manga Canon2009-08-13
171You’ll Get Sued If All You Do Is Copy OthersFiller2009-08-20
172It All Depends On How You Use The ‘Carrot And Stick’ MethodManga Canon2009-08-27
173It’s What’s On The Inside That CountsFiller2009-09-03
174Are There Still People Who Go To The Ocean And Yell Out ‘Bakayaro’?Filler2009-09-10
175People Of All Ages Hate The Dentist!Manga Canon2009-09-17
176Countdown BeginsFiller2009-09-24
177It’s Bad Luck To See A Spider At NightManga Canon2009-10-01
178Once You’re Entangled In A Spiderweb, It’s Hard To Get It OffManga Canon2009-10-08
179It’s The Irresponsible One Who’s Scary When PissedManga Canon2009-10-15
180The More Precious The Burden, The Heavier And More Difficult It Is To Shoulder ItManga Canon2009-10-22
181Watch Out For A Set Of Women And A DrinkManga Canon2009-10-29
182Screw Popularity PollsManga Canon2009-11-05
183Popularity Polls Can Burn In HellManga Canon2009-11-12
184Popularity Polls Can…Manga Canon2009-11-19
185Hometowns And Are Best Thought From AfarFiller2009-11-28
186Beware Of ForeshadowsManga Canon2009-12-03
187It’s Goodbye Once A Flag Is SetManga Canon2009-12-10
188An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Through To The Very EndManga Canon2009-12-17
189That’s How The End Of The Year GoesManga Canon2009-12-24
190When Looking For Something, Try Using Its PerspectiveManga Canon2010-01-07
191Freedom Means To Live True To Yourself, Not Without Law!Manga Canon2010-01-14
192Kabukicho Stray Cat BluesManga Canon2010-01-21
193Cooking Is About GutsManga Canon2010-01-28
194Whenever I Hear Leviathan, I Think Of Sazae-san. Stupid Me!!Manga Canon2010-02-04
195Not Losing To The RainManga Canon2010-02-11
196Not Losing To The WindManga Canon2010-02-18
197Not Losing To The StormManga Canon2010-02-25
198Never Losing That SmileManga Canon2010-03-04
199That’s How I Wish To Be, Beautiful And StrongManga Canon2010-03-11
200Santa Claus Red Is Blood RedManga Canon2010-03-18
201Everybody’s A SantaManga Canon2010-03-25
202Everyone Looks a Little Grown Up After Spring BreakManga Canon2011-04-04
203Everyone Looks Pretty Grown up after Summer BreakManga Canon2011-04-11
204Use a Calligraphy Pen for New Year’s CardsManga Canon2011-04-18
205Meals Should Be BalancedManga Canon2011-04-25
206It’s Too Confusing When Talking about the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich BoardManga Canon2011-05-02
207Glasses Are Part of the SoulManga Canon2011-05-09
208Glasses Prevent You from Seeing Certain ThingsManga Canon2011-05-16
209Nothing Lasts Forever, including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You, and the Gintama AnimeFiller2011-05-23
210A Lawless Town Tends to Attract a Bunch of Whoohooey FolkManga Canon2011-05-30
211Ghosts Aren’t the Only Ones Who Run Wild around GraveyardsManga Canon2011-06-06
212Chains of a WarriorManga Canon2011-06-13
213Iron TownManga Canon2011-06-20
214‘Tis an Honor!Manga Canon2011-06-27
215Odds or EvensManga Canon2011-07-04
216I Can’t Remember a Damn Thing about the Factory TourManga Canon2011-07-11
217What Happens Twice Can Happen ThriceManga Canon2011-07-18
218The Claws of a Crab Can Snip through a FriendshipManga Canon2011-07-25
219People Forget to Return Stuff All the Time without Even Realizing ItManga Canon2011-08-01
220The Bathhouse, Where You’re Naked in Body and SoulManga Canon2011-08-08
221JugemManga Canon2011-08-15
222The Name Reveals the PersonManga Canon2011-08-22
223The Man’s Household Situation Is Hard, His Heart Is SoftManga Canon2011-08-29
224Blue and Red EcstasyManga Canon2011-09-05
225So in the second season of Prison Break, they’ve already broken out of prison, but the name works once you realize that society is a prisonManga Canon2011-09-12
226Everybody Loves PajamasManga Canon2011-09-19
227Speaking of Crossovers, Don’t Forget about Alien vs. PredatorManga Canon2011-09-26
228Love Is Neither plus Nor MinusManga Canon2011-10-03
229Making It through LoveManga Canon2011-10-10
230It Would Take Too Much Effort to Make This Title Sound like a Text Message SubjectManga Canon2011-10-17
231When You Go to a Funeral for the First Time, You’re Surprised by How Happy the People AreManga Canon2011-10-24
232The People You Tend to Forget Tend to Show up after You Forget ThemManga Canon2011-10-31
233Space Ururun HomestayManga Canon2011-11-07
234Piggy Banks and Trash CansManga Canon2011-11-14
235Empty PlanetManga Canon2011-11-21
236Don’t Say Goodbye LionelManga Canon2011-11-28
237Please Take Me SkiingManga Canon2011-12-05
238A Vacation in DisorientationManga Canon2011-12-12
239There Are a Few Things You’re Not Supposed to ForgetManga Canon2011-12-19
240People Can Only Live by Forgetting the BadManga Canon2011-12-26
241We Are All Hosts, in Capital LettersManga Canon2012-01-09
242Girls like Vegeta, Guys like PiccoloManga Canon2012-01-16
243Draw Your Life on the Canvas We Call MangaManga Canon2012-01-23
244Check It Out!!Manga Canon2012-01-30
245Thorny and RosyManga Canon2012-02-06
246Festival of ThorniesManga Canon2012-02-13
247Letter from ThornyManga Canon2012-02-20
248Madaodog MadaonaireManga Canon2012-02-27
249Presents Are Meant to Be Given EarlyManga Canon2012-03-05
250New Year’s Envelopes Are Perfect for Dirty JokesManga Canon2012-03-12
251When Sleeping under a Kotatsu, Make Sure You Don’t Burn Your BallsManga Canon2012-03-19
252We’re SorryFiller2012-03-26
253Nobody with Natural Straight Hair Can Be That Bad/Nobody with Straight Blond Hair Can Be That GoodManga Canon2012-10-04
254Kintoki and GintokiManga Canon2012-10-11
255Kin-san’s KintamaManga Canon2012-10-18
256The Meaning of a Main CharacterManga Canon2012-10-25
257Courtesan Turns the TablesManga Canon2013-01-10
258Inside the Palace!!Manga Canon2013-01-17
259Five PinkiesManga Canon2013-01-24
260Pinky SwearManga Canon2013-01-31
261Unsetting MoonManga Canon2013-02-07
262Sound Of Beam Can Pierce Heart Of EveryoneManga Canon2013-03-07
263Two BrothersManga Canon2013-03-14
264Liquor and Gasoline, Smiles and TearsManga Canon2013-03-21
265Dog Food Doesn’t Have As Much Flavor As You’d ThinkManga Canon2013-03-28
266You Can Never Pause at the Perfect TimeManga Canon2015-04-08
267Even a Matsui Stick Can’t Handle Some Kinds of DirtManga Canon2015-04-15
268An Inspector’s Love Begins with an InspectionManga Canon2015-04-22
269Forget Dates, Remember People and You Can Hide Your Po** Mags But You Can’t Hide Your ***Manga Canon2015-04-29
270A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides / Nobody Likes the Photo on Their LicenseManga Canon2015-05-06
271Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes it Hard to EnterManga Canon2015-05-13
272A Reunion Also Brings to the Surface Things You Don’t Want to RememberManga Canon2015-05-20
273When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught but Dreams and Lottery TicketsManga Canon2015-05-27
274Guys With Big Nostrils Also Have Big Imaginations / You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But By the Final Episode, You Don’t Want It to EndManga Canon2015-06-03
2759 + 1 = Yagyu JyubeiManga Canon2015-06-10
276Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You’ve Forgotten About ThemManga Canon2015-06-17
27710-1=Manga Canon2015-06-24
278All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the ShapeManga Canon2015-07-01
279The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by NightManga Canon2015-07-08
280Human or DemonManga Canon2015-07-15
281Farewell, ReaperManga Canon2015-07-22
282A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and OverManga Canon2015-07-29
283AmenManga Canon2015-08-05
284Being a Leader is ToughManga Canon2015-08-12
285Love is a Roach MotelManga Canon2015-08-19
286A Sizzle SummerManga Canon2015-08-26
287He’s the Sweet Tooth, and I’m the Mayo GuyManga Canon2015-09-02
288I’m a Failure as a Leader and He’s Also a Failure as a LeaderManga Canon2015-09-09
289I’m Yorozuya and He’s ShinsengumiManga Canon2015-09-16
290Always Leave Enough Room for 50 Million in Your BagManga Canon2015-09-23
291Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your BagManga Canon2015-09-30
292Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It’s Put Into Words / There Are Two Types of People In This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don’tManga Canon2015-10-07
293The Two ApesManga Canon2015-10-14
294Afros of Life and DeathManga Canon2015-10-21
295Afuro and WolfroManga Canon2015-10-28
296Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It’ll Cost YouManga Canon2015-11-04
297Keep Your Farewells ShortManga Canon2015-11-11
298One Editor is Enough / The G-Pen Is Capricious, and the Maru Pen Is StubbornManga Canon2015-11-18
299Strike When the Sword and Overlord are Hot / Oil RainManga Canon2015-11-25
300Shogun Assassination Arc Part One: Shoguns of Light and ShadowManga Canon2015-12-02
301Shogun Assassination Arc Part Two: Ninja VillageManga Canon2015-12-09
302Shogun Assassination Arc Part Three: Ninja SoulManga Canon2015-12-16
303Shogun Assassination Arc Part Four: And Then There Were FiveManga Canon2015-12-23
304Shogun Assassination Arc Part Five: Those Who Protect Against All OddsManga Canon2016-01-06
305Shogun Assassination Arc Part Six: Sworn EnemyManga Canon2016-01-13
306Shogun Assassination Arc Part Seven: The Crows Caw After the Battle EndsManga Canon2016-01-20
307Shogun Assassination Arc Part Eight: Farewell, BuddyManga Canon2016-01-27
308Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part One: The Day the Demon CriedManga Canon2016-02-03
309Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Two: Heroes Always Arrive Fashionably LateManga Canon2016-02-10
310Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Three: Lost and FoundManga Canon2016-02-17
311Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Four: Prison BreakManga Canon2016-02-24
312Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Five: Stray DogsManga Canon2016-03-02
313Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Six: Undelivered MailManga Canon2016-03-09
314Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Seven: KarmaManga Canon2016-03-16
315Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Eight: NobumeManga Canon2016-03-23
316Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Nine: Farewell ShinsengumiManga Canon2016-03-30
317The Monster and the Monster’s ChildManga Canon2017-01-09
318Leave LetterManga Canon2017-01-16
319The Song of SamuraiManga Canon2017-01-23
320ZuraManga Canon2017-01-30
321The Two FoolsManga Canon2017-02-06
322Ten YearsManga Canon2017-02-13
323PathsManga Canon2017-02-20
324Master of KouanManga Canon2017-02-27
325The Lost RabbitManga Canon2017-03-06
326SiblingsManga Canon2017-03-13
327First StudentManga Canon2017-03-20
328HopeManga Canon2017-03-27
329The Stairs to Adulthood May Not Always Lead UpManga Canon2017-10-02
330My Bald Dad, My Light-Haired Dad, and My Dad’s GlassesManga Canon2017-10-09
331A Bowl of RamenManga Canon2017-10-16
332A FamilyManga Canon2017-10-23
333Life, Death and Shades / All the Answers Can Be Found in the FieldManga Canon2017-10-30
3343000 Leagues in Search of a ScabbardManga Canon2017-11-06
335The Super Sad ist and the Super Sad istManga Canon2017-11-13
336The Sharpest Sword and the Dullest SwordManga Canon2017-11-20
337Wash Your Hands Before a HandshakeManga Canon2017-11-27
338Diamonds are UnscratchableManga Canon2017-12-04
339An Idol’s Badge of HonorManga Canon2017-12-11
340The Line Between Godlike Games and Crappy Games is Paper-Thin / Glasses are a Part of the SoulManga Canon2017-12-18
341Guardian Spirit are Also a Part of the SoulManga Canon2017-12-25
342Try As You Might to Make a Natural Perm Go Away, It Will Alwasy ReturnManga Canon2018-01-08
343Flavoring is Best in Small QuantitiesManga Canon2018-01-15
344A Delinquent’s Kid Has Long Neck HairManga Canon2018-01-22
345The Line Between Tenacious and Annoying Is Paper-ThinManga Canon2018-01-29
346Geezers Carve the Things They Shouldn’t Forget into Their WrinklesManga Canon2018-02-05
347Machine that Pick Up Useless Habits are Called PeopleManga Canon2018-02-12
348Men Must Live Not Long Nor Thick, but HardManga Canon2018-02-19
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350Bragging About Your Own Heroic Deeds Will Make People Hate You, so Make Others Do It For YouManga Canon2018-03-05
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