How to Watch Replays of your matches In Fortnite

Surely you’ve played a few games too well to want to know how to watch the replays on Fortnite, right? Well, know that yes, it is possible to watch replays of your matches on Fortnite and so, knowing that many are wondering how to do that, we decided to make this guide!


How to watch replays of your matches on Fortnite

Watching replays on Fortnite is pretty easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to Career.
  2. So click on Replays to see all the replays available for you to watch.
  3. There you will see all replays of your recent matches. Attention: here you won’t find replays of all the games you’ve played on this account, only the most recent ones!
  4. Then you can save this replay! Or, if you prefer, you can just watch it without saving it by clicking on the desired replay and then on To play.
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