Life is Strange: True Colors – Where to Find Riley in Chapter 2

You will need to find Riley in Chapter 2 in Life is Strange: True Colors, right after talking to Mac. However, the game doesn’t make it clear where the character is, which leads you to look again at the Flower Shop, the Record Store, the Black Lantern, the park, and even the Dispensary (ie, in all the places you can explore at this point in the plot). Turns out Riley isn’t in any of those places – so WHERE is she?


If you’re one of those people who tends to peek at your cell phone while you’re playing, you’re sure to miss the only clue the game gives to Riley’s whereabouts. It appears right in the first scenes of the chapter when the game shows you some of the locations in downtown Haven Springs. However, even if you’ve been paying a little more attention at this point, you may still have missed it, as the character’s appearance is quite discreet.

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you will need to talk to Riley at Chapter 2 in Life is Strange: True Colors to confront Mac about Gabe’s death. Even having already interacted with the character, he will still keep something important to himself, since he is very scared of something. That’s where Riley comes in.


Next, find out how to find her to progress the story and get the truth out of Mac.

Where to Find Riley in Chapter 2 of Life is Strange: True Colors

As we’ve already told you, Riley’s exact location will appear quickly at the beginning of the chapter, very discreetly. However, if you didn’t record this information, that’s fine. To find Riley, the first step is to find the Dispensary. To the right of it, you’ll see a long wall with a very colorful painting. At the beginning of this alley, you’ll see two people talking; a man and a woman, who are afraid to take their friendship to the next level. If you enter the alley and keep walking past the couple, you’ll see Riley sitting on a bench to the right.

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At this point, you’ll be able to talk to the character about various topics, including Mac. Eventually, Alex will say he needs to leave and will leave Riley in the bank. However, you can also use the protagonist’s power to unlock a new dialogue option, which will allow for a second interaction with Riley.


Finding her is simpler than it sounds, isn’t it?