Location of all treasures in Resident Evil Village

To reach 100% Resident Evil Village, you will need to find all the treasures in the game. However, doing so can be much more complicated than it looks. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide on how to find all the treasures of Resident Evil Village!


Location of all treasures in Resident Evil Village

You will be able to see all the game’s special treasures on the map once you arrive in the village. They are indicated on the map by a golden treasure chest, and the routes to visit them will open up as you progress through the narrative. The treasures listed below are in order according to the game’s narrative progression.

Relic of Luiza

This is the first treasure you can find. As soon as you unlock the village and can see the treasures on your map, return to the house where Elena’s father turned into a wolf and a necklace will be waiting in a box outside. You can sell it for a good price in Lei.


Treasure of Beneviento

On the way to Beneviento’s house, you must have noticed a tomb without a headstone, marked by the treasure chest. To find the tombstone, you need to finish the level and then return to the main area of ​​the village, specifically the cemetery. Zombies will spawn from the ground and open up a new area where you can pick up that item. Take him back to the grave and get ready for a fight with a giant zombie. Beat them and you will get the treasure to sell.

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Maestero Collection

This treasure is behind a locked door marked by a lute that you can find in the center of the village. You need to find the Luthier’s Key that is in a house on the way to Beneviento’s mansion, on the table next to the typewriter. Then you can come back here to open the door. Inside, you will find a puzzle, where you must use the date of birth seen in the girl’s drawing (270917) to unlock the box, which offers treasures and improvements.

Water wheel gun

On the way to Moreau’s domain, you’ll fight a giant werewolf and, if you look at the map, you’ll see a locked house, marked by the Iron Insignia. Use the key you already have to open the house and get the grenade launcher.


Moreau’s Hidden Weapon

After beating Moreau, you will have the Crank, which can be used to open an optional area that is a branch of the first windmill. Open the gate and follow this path to the treasure chest location, where you will have to fight more huge werewolves before catching the magnum from the furthest house.

Treasure house on the river bank

To obtain this treasure, you will have to unlock the crank, which means defeating Moreau. Once you’re done, go back to the crossroads of the chalice and go to the Lonely Road. You will come to a bridge with a lower section, where another bridge is broken. Use the crank, get on the boat and climb up towards the castle. Then, jump off the boat and turn right to go back into the Dimitrescu Castle, where you will find a new puzzle. Inside there is a lit lantern that you need to shoot to light the other sconces in the room.

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After doing this, wait for the zombies to crawl out of the hole and into the main room, and lure them in so that you can set them on fire with the flashlight. Then have one of them follow you to the room to the north, where they will set the last sconce on fire. This will open a new door to the treasure.


Cannibal Plunder

You will unlock this treasure when Heisenberg starts placing giant plaques on the Village. Turn left after opening the six-winged gate and head towards the giant mill. Then, go through the area until you fight a giant zombie and shoot the three locks on the red door in the corner to get to the exit, where a boxed treasure awaits.

Treasure under the fortress

At the end of the Fortress sequence, where you fight waves of wolves, you will have to get on a boat to make your way back to the village. In the same room as the boat is a treasure that you can see on the map. The box is on the back wall, so take it and sell it for Lei.