Meet NOW.GG, Mobile Platform to run games in the Cloud

In another big investment in the game streaming market, the is a recently launched platform that promises to revolutionize the consumption of mobile games through the cloud, bringing a new business model to democratize access to titles by players and facilitate the publishing and monetization process by developers.


Used by studios such as Perfect World, PerBlue, and Lilith Games, offers developers “the same high-performance graphics and interactivity regardless of the device, operating system or regional restrictions faced by the user.”

In practical terms, instead of waiting for downloads and still having to verify that the game or application will run well on your phone, the platform’s technology nullifies all that, providing immediate access to your games no matter where in the world you are. or which platform you are using.

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“ allows mobile game developers to acquire a whole spectrum of new users who would otherwise be limited by device and app store specs,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of “The mobile cloud democratizes access to mobile games, removing all the friction and requirements of a device to run a new game. This sets off a new era of unprecedented possibilities for game developers to reach the next billion mobile gamers. The next generation of mobile games is here.”

To provide this service, the is powered by Android technology on Arm servers, dubbed the nowCloud OS, ensuring game developers easily cloud-enable their existing Android apps and build cloud-native platforms in the future. “This allows to adapt to endpoint characteristics, bandwidth and latency constraints, optimizing cloud cost performance.”

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As it is still in testing period, mainly to get developers used to the platform, is not yet available for download on Google Play, but you can get used to it. register on the official website.