“Nintendo Switch Pro” May Support Nvidia DLSS, more memory and a faster processor

Rumors of a more powerful version of Nintendo Switch do not stop appearing.


After some information has emerged in recent weeks, a new report by Bloomberg was published today, giving some more details about this possible new model of the Switch.

According to the American website, this “Nintendo Switch Pro” Will make use of one of the latest and most impressive technologies from Nvidia: DLSS.


DLSS, in case you have never heard of it, is an image enlargement technology present in current Nvidia chips. DLSS takes a low-resolution image and enlarges it using a machine learning algorithm, which results in a much higher resolution image than the original, but without using half the resources it would normally use.

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What makes this possible addition of DLSS to the Nintendo Switch even more impressive is the fact that none of the new generation consoles makes use of this technology, which until then has been exclusive to computers.

Since the Nintendo Switch already uses an Nvidia chip, it makes a lot of sense for Nintendo to adopt this new technology in an improved console model. As the Switch has more limited hardware than other consoles, a tool capable of increasing the resolution of the image without the need for more powerful components is all it needs.


This, added to the fact that this Nintendo Switch Pro will focus on 4K resolution in Docked mode, only makes this rumor even more possible.

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In addition to DLSS, Bloomberg also reported that this new chip from Nvidia will also feature a faster processor and more memory, but no specific details about this have been revealed.

According to experts, this new version of the Nintendo Switch will cost more than the current model, which costs $ 300 dollars, and should cost between $ 350 and $ 400 dollars. No official date for the launch of this new console has been announced, but the consensus is that it will arrive later this year.