No Game No Life Filler Episodes and Watch Order

No Game No Life, is a series of light novels written by Yuu Kamiya and illustrated by himself, beginning to be published from April 25, 2012, through the publisher Media Factory in charge of printing MF Bunko J, with a total of 10 volumes, the publication continues today.


The anime adaptation began airing on April 9, 2014, on the television network AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, TVA, BS11 and was in charge of the study Madhouse, under the direction of Atsuko Ishizuka, with 12 episodes (first season) + 1 Movie, the broadcast ended on June 25, 2014

This series was licensed by Select Vision (Spain), Hanabee (Australia), MVM Films (United Kingdom), Sentai Filmworks (Latin America).


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SEASON 1: No Game No Life

The opening it covers is This Game (1-12) and the ending is Prayer (2-12).

  • 01.“Beginner”
  • 02.“Challenging”
  • 03.“Expert”
  • 04.“Great master”
  • 05.“Weak square”
  • 06.“Interesting”
  • 07.“Sacrifice”
  • 08.“False ending”
  • 09.“Dissociation method”
  • 10.“Blue rose”
  • eleven.“Giant killer”
  • 12.“Rule number 10”
  • <———- Movie: No Game, No Life: Zero ———->
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Sora and Shiro are two stepbrothers hikikomori which are known in the online gaming world as Blank, a group of undefeated players. One day, Tet, a god from another reality, challenges them to a game of chess. The two are victorious and are offered to live in a world that is focused on games. They accept, believing it to be a joke, and are summoned to a reality known as Disboard.


There, a spell known as the Ten Covenants prevents the citizens of Disboard from harming each other, forcing them to resolve their differences by gambling with games whose rules and rewards are magically applied. In the game, enforcement of the rules only occurs when the opponent recognizes and discloses the cheating method, allowing players to cheat using discreet methods.

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Sora and Shiro traverse Elkia, the nation inhabited by humans, and befriends Duchess Stephanie Dola. Upon learning of Elkia’s decline, the two participate in a tournament to determine the next ruler; After winning the crown, they gain the right to challenge the other Disboard species as representatives of humanity.

Your next goal is to conquer all sixteen species to challenge Tet to a game; As of the sixth volume, five of the sixteen are under his control.