One Piece Chapter 1000: Release Date, Leaks

Even the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his team looking for the mythical treasure — 1 Piece, have now been serializing chapters for more than two years.

This 900+ chapter show is often considered that the King of all Manga due to this being the highest-grossing manga for a couple of years.

One thing released chapter 999 on Sunday, branded”The Sake that I Brewed to Drink Along With You. ” Thus, it is time to go over the launch date, scans, along with other information for chapter 1000.

One Piece Chapter 1000 Release Date And Highlights

Chapter 1000 holds great importance in One Piece and will be the most expected chapter of the season. One thing is for sure — Oda will not allow his supporters’ expectations. One Piece of the manga is printed below Shonen Jump magazine, and it will be a weekly magazine that comes out each Sunday.

Is One Piece On A Break This Week?

Yes, chapter 1000 of this One Piece manga is about a break weekly. The show will continue at the Weekly Shonen Jump on January 3. One PieceChapter 1000 will be released in the Weekly Shonen Jump on Sunday, January 3, 9:30 am PDT.

Chapter 1000 Speculations/Predictions

Chapter 987 formally kicked off the war about Onigashima. With the announcement of all-out warfare against Kaido, Big Mother, also Orochi, Luffy attracted Lots of attention. As there’s a lot happening at precisely the exact same time, it’s probably that we’ll observe parallel storylines instead of simply one.

I. The Three Minute Countdown

Chapter 996 disclosed that O-Tama hitched a ride in an enemy boat to go to Onigashima. On precisely the exact same page, she specifically requests Hihimaru to maintain off Page One and Ulti for just 3 minutes.

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Even though this may be passed off as nothing, it’s quite probable that following these 3 minutes are up, an essential display will probably be produced. The show will most likely be regarding the enemy boat that Tama boarded.

II. Oden’s Log Book

In chapter 999we watched Yamato considering Oden’s Log Book while mentioning Luffy gets the first initial of”D.” Chapter 1000 has been highly anticipated and will surely trigger waves of talks at the 1 part community.

It’s likely that Yamato might show some specifics concerning the Will of D. out of Oden’s Log Book.

One Piece FINALLY Revealed Kaido’s Devil Fruit — Uo Uo no more Mi

III.  New Onigashima

Chapter 997 revealed Kaido with his devil fruit capability to lift Onigashima to put it to the Flower Capital. Considering that the Flower Capital is exploding with pleasure, in case Kaido lands there using Onigashima, then a lot of casualties will take place.

It’ll be intriguing to find out how the Straw Hats fight against Kaido together with the lifestyles of Wano taxpayers at stake.

IV. O-Tama’s Devil Fruit Prowess

When some individuals may have forgotten about her, O-Tama nevertheless has a large part to play in the approaching war.

Her devil fruit enables her to have total control over creatures and Zoan devil fruit consumers that consume”Kibi Dango” generated from her lips.

Equipped with Usopp’s sniping abilities, Tama might have the ability to command a massive chunk of Kaido’s drives.