One Piece fan cosplayer perfectly recreated Law’s Wano look

Originally featured in the Sabaody Park arc, law quickly became one of the most beloved characters by fans of one piece, both for its personality and for its role in history, since in addition to having rescued Luffy at the battle of Marineford, formed an alliance with our dear captain to overthrow Kaido.


Thus, while we follow in the anime and manga the unfolding of the arc of wano, a cosplayer known as Ashuri_senpapi took the moment to share on his Instagram a simply impeccable cosplay of law.

As you can see in the images below, the cosplayer recreated every detail of the character’s latest look, which basically consists of a black and white yukata, an orange sash around her waist, and a brown haori on top, in addition to her iconic tattoos and your white hat.

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