The OxygenOS 11 also arrives on the old models

OnePlus is a new famous for quick Android upgrades, but it would appear that the organization’s”green” intervals have long since passed on. While Samsung has begun updating nearly all of its current flagships into Android 11, exactly the same upgrade just arrived on 2 mobiles out of Pete Lau’s Chinese manufacturer (OP 8 and OP 8T). The business has shared a study on the condition of the initiation of the newest firmware release, supplying a rough deadline for the weeks to come.

“Next week, OnePlus Nord will receive its first OxygenOS 11 Open Beta build the company said in a forum post. The OnePlus 7 and 7T series are also expected to receive their first Open Betas around the same time. The company said it encountered a “data decryption problem” With the 7 / 7T series that delayed development but was able to solve the problem together with Qualcomm. The OnePlus 6 / 6T series and the Nord 10 5G / 100 budget smartphone duo will receive the OxygenOS 11 at a later date.

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The forum post also confirmed that the new version of the Android 11 skin will not arrive on the “old” OnePlus 5 and 5T. It is clear that the update is aimed at “OnePlus 6 and later models“. If you remember, the aforementioned phones were released in June 2017 and November of the same year respectively. Unfortunately, in 2020 the support of the famous three years of updates guaranteed by the company ended. Too bad though: they are two terminals so old but still valid and that can have their say.