Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World Season 2: Release Date, Updates

Our Last Crusade and also the Rise of a New World is a 2020 autumn anime which concluded its first time on December 23, 2020. Ever since then year 1 came to a stop, lovers are eagerly awaiting the statement of Season two.


Though it might take a while, the success of the show could quite possibly renew it for another run.

The Narrative of Our Final Crusade and Also the Rise of a New World follows the Struggle between the advanced Empire along with Nebulis, the land of Witches and Magic.


A twist at the war appears when Iska, the youngest Knight of this empire, matches Aliceliese, the queen of Nebulas.

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Both the kids slowly fall into love since Iska’s ideals and potency charm Aliceliese along with the Knight starts mimicking the Lady’s dignity and beauty. The odd romance that succeeds might only be the conclusion of this lengthy war.

Our Last Crusade Release Date

Our Final Crusade and Also the Rise of a New World Season Two is yet to be renewed. We could expect that the series to come back through the summer of 2022 because Silver Connect the studio in question is comparatively modest and generating a small number of anime each year.


Season 2 will most probably have 12 episodes like the first season.

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What To Expect From Season 2

Season 1 ended with Aliceliese’s sister, Sisbell, requesting Iska to function as Knight. Iska doesn’t give her a clear answer, unsure about his feelings for Aliceliese.

Season two will keep on growing the love between the key directs as the is between the Empire and also Nebulis starts moving quickly.

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World | Official Trailer 2


Our Final Crusade and Also the Rise of a New World anime Has Been Accommodated by the Mild Book series by Kei Sazane and Ao Nekonabe. It’s revived by Silver Connection.

The Utopia and The Paradise to Witches are fighting wars for 2 centuries. On the other hand, the successor of Black Steel along with also the Ice-Calamity Witch meet by chance, which induces a collision of thoughts and viewpoints. How can they alter that battle-hungry world?