The plan of the Redmi executive on gaming phones

The K40 Game Enhanced Edition is Xiaomi’s first gaming smartphone outside the BlackShark brand. The company expects to capture the appeal of its customer’s thanks to its impressive game features and super affordable price. Liu Weibing revealed that Redmi has decided to enter the gaming phone market precisely because of the low popularity of the aforementioned device category.

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redmi k40


Redmi’s gaming phone is the cheapest model out there since gaming phones are for the most part expensive products. Weibing attributed the premium price to the higher cost of manufacturing the terminals. On the other hand, to get an appropriate processor, a decent screen, memory and other aspects in the production and marketing spectrum there is a need to make the cost of phones generally exorbitant.

The K40 Game Enhanced version sells for around 2000 yuan (~ $ 310), making it by far the gaming terminal or cheapest among the popular brands out there. The phone was out of stock in a minute during its first sale today in China. The acceptance given to the K40 Gaming edition in China is expected to be replicated in other countries where the rollout of the model or its variants will take place in the coming weeks. It is speculated that it will be launched as POCO F3 GT in India and Europe (perhaps).

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The Redmi K40 features an impressive form factor and weighs relatively less than its competitors such as ASUS ROG Phone 5 and Nubia Red Magic 5. It is, therefore, lighter and thinner than its current competitors and it is a fair reflection of the research and innovative commitment put in place by Xiaomi in the design and production of the gadget. The company aims to sell up to 1.7 million units of K40 Gaming Enhanced Edition in China only, and early results indicate that the outlook for the model remains favorable.


Redmi’s CEO also noted that popularizing gaming smartphones could be a difficult task, but the company is ready to dive into this task.