Samsung: the super sensor is in development

The South Korean OEM was the first company in the world to launch a 108 megapixel sensor. In this regard, the South Korean giant last week presented the world’s first ISOCELL HP1 for 200 megapixel mobile devices.

Now, the company is working on another ambitious product in the range; over the next few years we will see a super performing ISOCELL never seen before.

During a presentation held at the SEMI Europe Summit, Haechang Lee, Senior VP Automotive Sensor of Samsung Electronics, revealed that the company plans to launch its 576-megapixel camera chip in 2025. The indiscretion was spotted by Image Sensors World.

Furthermore, it appears that the 576MP camera sensor was not developed for smartphones, but that the company wants to use it for cars. It could also be used in drones and medical equipment, but its primary purpose as a camera for phones doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Last year, when Samsung confirmed it is working on a 600MP camera sensor, Yongin Park, executive vice president of Samsung’s Sensor Business, spoke of the company’s willingness to go beyond 500 megapixels, that is, beyond the capacity of the human eye.

A few months ago, it was reported that Samsung was developing a 600 megapixel camera sensor with 0.8 µm pixels and is 1 / .0.57 ″ large.

We note that the Asian company is expanding the categories of use of camera sensors from smartphones. He is now planning to provide scamera ensors for different categories, including autonomous vehicles (AV), drones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.