Seven Knights 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners



Released on November 10 for iOS and Android, Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to the famous mobile RPG from Netmarble, which features graphics rendered in Unreal Engine 4 and an improved experience in both combat and immersion.

Allowing players to collect and assemble different combinations of heroes, formations, and pets, the game is ideal for fans of the previous title or for those who want to discover this universe.


So now that the game is also available for PC, the Netmarble prepared a list of 7 essential tips and tricks for beginning players:

Seven Knights 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. Make use of weaker equipment

  • Early in the game, when Rare or Legendary equipment is difficult to acquire, upgrade and transcend Superior Equipment, as they can still provide big bonuses to your power at the start of the game;
  • You can recover a significant part of the items that were used for the upgrade/transcendence by recovering the equipment later, so there’s no need to save in the beginning;
  • All heroes must equip at least one Common-level gear to increase the Account Combat Power, which is the sum of all their heroes’ combat power. Great rewards are provided upon reaching certain levels of Account Combat Power.

2. Set effects are important to equipment performance

  • Rather than equip items with high stat value, it is better to equip items that share the same effects together (they only activate when equipping multiple items with the same effect);
  • It’s important to find and equip sets with effects suitable for each hero;
  • Set effects are amplified every 2/3/5 set item equipped, so refer to this number when setting up your hero’s gear.
  • The Auto Equip Settings feature helps you to conveniently set up a set of items for your hero.
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3.  Choose one and go all out

  • Training Upgrade is expensive and therefore you won’t be able to upgrade everyone at the start
  • After completing an initial hero build to use, choose a formation that suits you best and upgrade only that formed early in the game;
  • Decide whether you want to focus on PvE or PvP:
    • If PvE, focus on Agile Attack or Critical Formation;
    • If it’s PvP, see what favorite PvP heroes you have and choose a formation accordingly.

4. Functions are more important than Degree

  • Having a solid hero composition consisting of different roles is much more effective than simply having a composition with high-level heroes. We recommend you find a good mix of healed/tank/damage;
  • Your initial objective is to gather heroes and form compositions to clear all Dungeons and Invasion up to a certain difficulty level. To do this, you must fortify heroes with various types of Resistance to All Status Effects (Ian, Henry, Scott, Guilahan, Adel) and heroes with Suppressor Abilities (Shane, Rudy, Lene);
  • Using various types of Resistance and skill resources from the heroes will also be useful to progress in the main quest. Especially from “Normal Difficulty”, in which the heroes’ unique roles are significantly more important
    • Chapter 1 – Darkened Spirit: Claire’s Superior (Removal of Enemy’s Buff)
    • Chapter 1 – Kecha: Claire’s Superior (Removal of Enemy’s Buff) Guilahan (Fire Damage Resistance)
    • Chapter 1 – Kuecha: Guilahan (Burning Resistance)
    • Chapter 2 – Spirit of Ice: Superior of Adel (Freeze Resistance), two healers (Chief High Damage)
    • Chapter 2 – Chiefs: Superior of Adel (Freezing Resistance)
    • Chapter 3 – Bosses: Superior of Guilahan (Fire Damage Resistance), Common Lene (Suppressor Abilities)
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5. Restarting the game frequently is not recommended.

  • Some games suggest multiple campaign reboots, where players go through several new accounts until they get the hero they want, but we don’t advise this in Seven Knights 2. A single reboot attempt will take from 1h to 1:30h;
  • Most heroes will be obtained through normal gameplay, and at the 7th daily check-in you will receive a very powerful hero, “Saint of Light Karin”. Therefore, we recommend that you start and stay in the game rather than trying to start over.

6. Constantly check for offers at the Emporium

  • The Emporium offers updates every six hours and you can get free maps in each one. Maps are needed for Field Exploration, content that allows you to supplement the hero/pet’s growth while farming valuable items;
  • Also, check for good deals in addition to free maps. High-quality items and Soul Stones can also be purchased at set prices, potentially reducing the need to cash them out.

7.  Experience the total quality that Seven Knights 2 has to offer

  • Sometimes playing continuously on a mobile device can be difficult due to battery usage, device heating, etc;
  • Playing on PC, you can experience smoother and sharper gameplay, and can also play more conveniently via keyboard;
  • You can play by first creating an account on a mobile device and then linking that account via email to log in to the PC version;