Solo Levelling Chapter 134: Release Date, Leaks

Buckle up and secure your seat belts, because the rollercoaster journey of Hunter Sung Jin-Woo leveling up is definitely to get a bit tough with the narrative hitting the Japan Arc.’ After putting much thought into it, Jin-Woo has attained the choice to depart for Japan and catch this chance to level up.


We’re excited for a different OP showdown involving Jin Woo along with the Giants since the planet witnesses his authentic art. As fans expect their battle, we deliver the updates on another phase of Solo Levelling.

Solo Levelling Chapter 134 Release Date, Leaks

The heart-warming discussion of Jin Woo together with his family before departing Japan touched lovers’ hearts, in addition to demonstrated that Jin Woo hadn’t lost his individual emotions, despite those gruesome battles.


Within another chapter, we’ll see Jin Woo face the Giants. The largest of the Giants, protecting the gate, could also eventually move to face-off Jin Woo.

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Although, something that frees me up out of my sleeping late at night since I read that the previous thing is… Can Jin Woo eventually satisfy his dad?

Considering the two, Sung-Jin Woo and Sung II-Hwan, are in Japan at the time of tragedy, the likelihood has skyrocketed. Perhaps, Sung II-Hwan didn’t capture the information of Sung Jin-Woo beating the Ant King, also remains in the dark regarding his son’s accomplishment.


Sung II-Hwan will come face to face with his son for the very first time after 10 decades. The previous time that he heard of his child, he had been advised that Jin Woo was lifeless, so I am actually anticipating their experience.

Solo Levelling 134 Release Date

Chapter 134 of the Solo Levelling will be available to buy from Thursday, Jan 07, 2021. It will be available to stream for free on Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021.

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Is Solo Levelling on Break This Week?

Because of some health problems of this writer, the Manhwa was receiving any flaws between, however, no official information regarding the delay of the launch of the following phase of Solo Levelling was published yet, and it’s anticipated to stick to the program and release the date mentioned previously.


Solo Levelling Chapter 134 Raw Scans and Leaks

Raw Scans for Solo Levelling Chapter 134 are not yet available and will be updated here as soon as they get uploaded on the internet.

They usually arrive around 2 days prior to the chapter release date.

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