The 10 best Roblox games for you to have fun

Roblox has a plethora of interesting games within it, so today we are going to list the 10 best Roblox games, so you guarantee plenty of fun for a long time!


Best Roblox Games for you to have fun

Adopt Me!

Adopt me! is a strong candidate for the most popular Roblox game and is easily the most played RPG on the platform. It’s a caring game, with players taking on the role of foster parents or adopted children and looking after their daily needs, Sims-style.


Jailbreak is technically classified as a Town & City game by Roblox, but at this point it is actually a much more familiar version of Grand Theft Auto Online. Players can line up with the cops or thieves in a game that includes driving, mugging (for thieves) or raids (for cops), and luxury apartments to furnish with all that illicit looting.


Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is Roblox’s premier thriller game. One player per round is randomly assigned as the killer and the other as the sheriff. Up to ten additional players are innocent. All three groups play their own set of rules with different victory conditions: the killer aims to eliminate them all before the sheriff catches them; the sheriff must try to identify and then arrest the killer; and the innocent aim to survive and can help the sheriff’s investigation.

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Welcome to Bloxburg

It is a Town & City game inspired by Sims. The features are largely what we expect from the life simulation genre: your character can get a day job, live a leisure life by hanging out with friends or seeking adventure in the game world in general. This game also features a construction mode that has received special praise.

Royale High

Royale High is marked as an adventure game in Roblox, but in practice it is a fantasy RPG. You control a supernatural high school from a noble family, and the goal is to balance socializing with other players against studying to level up your character. Better grades result in more in-game currency, which can be spent on cosmetic items for your character. There is also a growing and varied game world to explore outside of school.



Piggy is an episodic horror game that combines a cute aesthetic inspired by children’s TV with survival mechanics and a zombie apocalypse setting. Conceptually, there’s a lot going on and part of the game’s appeal is to unravel the ongoing mystery. The original story is now complete, but a second season called “Book 2” is in progress.


MeepCity is another Town & City game along similar lines to Welcome to Bloxburg, but with a greater emphasis on socializing with other players: the servers support up to 200 players (Roblox games usually reach around 30).

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Brookhaven RP

The huge popularity that the game has managed to gain in this short period of time demonstrates what made Roblox so popular throughout 2020. The game description emphasizes the location of players who think like you to play, and the servers are limited to a social circle relatively small of 18 players. Presumably, to support this, you can set up a private Brookhaven RP server for 100 Robux.


Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is marked as an adventure game, but fans of Roblox will recognize it as an obby (short for obstacle course). Obbies are somewhat notorious among Roblox players: although there are some excellent obbies on the platform, they have also acquired a certain reputation as the easiest Roblox type of game to launch in very low quality.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is, as you might expect, a fighting game inspired by the bizarre combat seen in several animes. Being a Roblox game, it’s understandably less graphic than some of the big-name fighting franchises, but on the other hand, it’s a surprisingly complete experience if you like the genre.