The Shenmue anime, in Video Promotion

Crunchyroll uploaded the trailer for the anime Shenmue The Animation! The animated series (13 episodes) is scheduled for 2022 on

Gender: Action, Slice of Life / Romance, Martial Art


The year 1986. Ryo Hazuki helplessly witness the death of his father assassinated by the terrible Lan Di. He then decides to go looking for him.

Then begins a long investigation in the city of Yokozuka in which he will have to refine his combat techniques to face those who stand in his way, and avenge his late father.

Staff Animation:

Author : Yu Suzuki
Studio: Telecom Animation Film
Director: Chikara Sakurai (One Punch Man Season 2, Magimoji Rurumo)

Video Game Saga:

  • Shenmue: 1999 – Dreamcast
  • Shenmue II: 2000 – Dreamcast
  • Shenmue III: 2019 – PlayStation 4 & PC
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Trailer FR (Shenmue III) :