In light of the measures implemented by Twitch, several international streamers have seen the counter of their followers drop dramatically. The ban caused – for example – the loss of over 2.6 million of fake followers for “xQc” and of 3.3 million for “Sodapoppin”, well-known streamers globally, and well-known faces of the platform.



It is essential to specify that anyone can program bots and fake accounts and “send them” to any channel active on the platform, consequently the presence of fake followers on a channel does not automatically condemn the streamer in question, who is often himself a victim of these “illegal” procedures.

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With the aforementioned measures, Twitch has officially declared war on who uses bots, proving that it is capable of distinguishing fake users from real followers. This trick is used to inflate the statistics of your channel, in order to achieve the objectives necessary to gain Partner status more quickly.