What Is LADWP ? How To Use It

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the municipal utility in the United States, serving over four million residents in the Country. At first, in 1902 it started to supply water to businesses and residents in Los Angeles along with nearby communities.


Later in 1917, they started to deliver electricity which led to a number of controversies and media portrayals, which includes the 1928 St. Francis Dam failure.

As for now, LADWP Delivers a Maximum of 7,880 megawatts of power and, in each year, 160 billion US Gallons of Water.


Likewise, the force framework is provided through flammable gas and inexhaustible assets, the best among which is the ‘green force’ that is produced from windmills. Likewise, on the side of the protection of assets, LADWP is putting resources into photovoltaic sun based all through the geothermal sources in the Salton ocean zone.

This progression is likewise taken to oblige the expanding needs of individuals for water and force because of different reasons and to energize innovative headways. Anybody can visit the online site of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power at www.ladwp.com

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How to Login at LADWP

  1. The official website https://www.ladwp.com/ is very interactive and organized.
  2. If you are an existing user you can directly visit the login page and sign in with your details. The address of the login page of LA DWP is https://www.ladwp.com/oamsso/login.html.
  3. The login page contains two input fields i.e username and password.
  4. The first field requires your username and the second requires the password.
  5. Then after entering the respective details, proceed to the Log In button.
  6. If the customer finds some difficulty in LADWP Login, maybe because they forgot the password then he or she must click on the link saying Forgot Password or Username.
  7. After clicking, the link will redirect you to the new page, where you must enter your username and other required details.
  8. After that, the site will send you an e-mail to the registered email address, containing a security code to log in to LADWP or, to set a new password.
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How To Register For Ladwp

If you want to create an account, here are some simple steps to register.

  • Now, first, open the URL https://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/faces/internal/OnlineRegistration
  • Then, the webpage opened has two input fields.
  • The first text box requires the user’s account number and the second requires an Access code. Now you must be wondering what is an account number. So, an account number is a number on the front page of your bill.
  • It is located at the top center of the page, below the Bill date. Then you will be needing an access code to input in the next text box.
  • The Access code number is needed when you are accessing your account online or maybe over the phone.
  • It can be your last four digits of the primary account holder’s Social Security Number, the last four digits of the Federal Tax ID associated with this account, or any other Personal Identification Number.
  • If you want any more details regarding Access Code, then, you can contact customer service.