What the Google Camera app (Gcam) and how it works

Gcam (Google Camera) is a Google app to take pictures on Android smartphones. This application claims to increase the quality of your cell phone images and offer new tools beyond the conventional ones. These new tools include focus effect, HDR+ and even unlimited panorama! This app is already installed on Pixel line phones, and it can be downloaded from the Play Store, but only for these models! However, some programmers make available APK versions of Gcam so that people with other Android phone models can use the app. Below you can see what each extra tool in this app does:

  • HDR+ – Joins multiple images together to get one with the best lighting.
  • Focus Effect – Blurs the background of photos, making the person or object closest to the camera stand out.
  • Slow motion recording.
  • Smart Bust – Captures 10 photos per second.
  • video stabilization – Removes distortions from footage and corrects the focus of the footage.
  • Panorama – Allows user to take 360° photos.
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How to download the Gcam app and the risks of having an APK version

Before trying to download Gcam APK, you should check if your phone supports Camera2 API. To do this, just download the Camera2 API Probe app from the Play Store and when you open it, you can see the compatibility list.

Now, to download the APK, you must first go to your phone’s security settings and enable the apps that are installed from unknown sources. So, go to the website Gcam and choose the file corresponding to your smartphone brand and model to download. After downloading, select the APK to install the Gcam app on your mobile. Then restart the app to finish the process.

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Now, know that using the Gcam APK comes with its risks. That’s because the app was designed for Pixel phones, with only one lens. Therefore, when this app is installed on a phone that has more than one camera, Gcam will not be able to access the system settings, and this may result in a drop in photo quality.

Also, remember that downloading an app outside the Play Store is never recommended. That’s because there’s always a chance that an APK contains a virus that can harm your device!