What to do after getting Spin Boost Metroid Dread

Many Metroid Dread players don’t know what to do after getting the Spin Boost ability in-game. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we’ll talk about what to do after getting the Spin Boost skill in Metroid Dread!

What to do after getting Spin Boost skill in Metroid Dread

The first thing you should do after getting this skill is to use the Morph Ball in the upper right corner of the room to be cast. Doing so will throw you underwater, and you’ll need to Spin Boost through the gap to get to the left side of the room.

After passing through the gap, jump up and enter the narrow passage that leads to the right while using the Morph Ball and bombs to clear the way. In the next area, you should go down, left and then up again, entering the yellow door that is below the green dot door. Once that’s done, keep going down, fight the mini-boss and enter the rescue room on the left after the enemy is killed.

After that, exit the area to the left and use the Spider Magnet to grab one of the blue walls. So, use organic platforms to climb. The objective here is to reach the EMMI door which is near the upper left corner of the room. There will be a difficult jump to do to get there, you will need to Spin Jump, drop down a bit to avoid an environmental element and then Spin Boost for the door.

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Once that’s done, go through the first EMMI room and use the Grapple Beam to enter the second room. Then exit through the EMMI door in the upper left corner. You’ll need to perform one more tricky Spin Boost underwater to get through a gap, and then you can climb to the next part of the EMMI area.

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