Where to find all postcards in The Medium

In The Medium, you can find all postcards as collectible items. If you manage to catch them, you will earn an achievement, in today’s guide, we will show you where all the postcards are located.


The Medium is the latest horror title from the Bloober team and comes with several collectible items for you to find and collect. Postcards are one of those collectible items that you can find in various locations, and there are 11 in total.

All 11 postcards from The Medium

Below is the location of all cards:

  • Niwa says hello – The first of these postcards can be found at the beginning of the game. When Marianne is going to the hotel for the first time, look for the guard’s office, which is on the left side of the front gates. Once inside, go to the table in the left corner. This postcard will be on top of the laundry on the desk chair.
  • Honest work – As soon as Marianne arrives at the front doors of the Niwa Hotel, she will quickly realize that there is no way to enter. When looking for a way to get in, take a left down the street in front of the hotel until you reach an abandoned red car. The caretaker Frank lived here for a while. On the driver’s side seat will be another postcard.
  • Promotion – After entering the hotel, walk towards the gate that has electrical sparks coming out of it. As soon as the camera angle changes, turn right. This postcard will be on a small round table in the center of this strange little cove.
  • Someday – Go to the changing rooms next to the indoor pool. Between the two bathtubs, there is a square wooden stool with a cardboard box on top. In the back corner of the box is another postcard.
  • Panoramic view – After a mirror sequence with Marianne enters two separate worlds, grab the key from the exam room on the floor next to the trash can. Unlock and go through the door next to the now broken mirror. Instead of moving on, turn right after entering the room and follow this corridor until you see a trash can in the other corner. This is on top of the trash can.
  • Will not stop – After the cutscene with Child Eater, there is a square courtyard around a tree. On the right side of the tree is a bench. This postcard is in the bank.
  • Poor thing – Turn around after collecting the postcard Will not stop and go to the area with the display. To the right of this display is another postcard on a bench.
  • Difficult and harder – When going down the forest trail in the first division, go down the path on the left. There will be a bank with this postcard.
  • Sighs in the dark – As soon as Marianne finds the dog, follow it to the river. Here go towards the camera. There must be a bench behind a bush in this area with another one of the postcards on it.
  • A new companion – When Marianne arrives at the ex-janitor’s camp, she will have reached the final destination for postcards. He is sitting on a bench by the fire.
  • Regrets – The last postcard is in the janitor’s tent, next to his long-dead body.
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