Where to Find Linen in New World

In New World, O linen it is just one of the many resources available on the vast island of Aeternum. In the long-awaited Amazon game, linen is used to make clothes, bags and armour.


As a good MMORPG, New World has a huge collection and crafting system. During the game’s journey, players learn to gather, manufacture and improve items from different resources and materials, which makes their gameplay more efficient. In New World, O linen it is especially coveted, as is silver ore and fibres. Therefore, this guide will give you the exact locations of linen in New World, in addition to talking about the varied uses of this feature.

Where to find linen in New World (and what is its use)

Flax is a tall, green plant with purple or brown flowers, depending on where you find it. It is used to gather fibres, an extremely important feature in New World. The fibres can be used for weaving, which is done on a loom. You can use fibres to weave fabrics such as linen, satin and silk into clothing, armour and bags.

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To harvest the flax you will need a sickle. There are five levels of scythes that can be manufactured in a forge. The flint sickle of the first level is enough to harvest flax. High-end scythes are forged with more expensive resources such as iron and steel ores.

Flax plants can be found very easily in Aeternum. They are usually grouped around certain areas, although some locations on the map do not contain any flax plants. One of the areas that is crowded with this feature is the region between Monarch’s Bluffs and Windward.

To get there, head west from the town of Windsward, where you’ll eventually see a river that runs north and south along the Windsward/Monarch’s Bluff border. Around this river there are many flax plants. However, the resource can be found scattered all over the map, usually near cities and places with water. If you can’t find anything organically, it might be a good idea to just follow a river!

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