Where to Find Platinum in New World

In New World, platinum is a valuable and durable metal that players will use to create high-end gems and powerful weaponry. Any player who wants to use platinum in New World to craft equipment must have a minimum level of 100 in Jeweler and 135 in Weapons Forger, Engineer and Arcane.


In addition, to smelt the necessary ingots and manufacture the equipment, players will need to reach level 110 in Mining to obtain the ore from platinum, which in New World, is quite high compared to the requirements for collecting other resources such as gold and silver.

If you’re lucky, you can also get gems in the quest for platinum in New World. Despite the high levels required to work with the resource, it can be found and cultivated quite simply. Here’s how to find platinum in New World!


Platinum in New World

Platinum ores are distributed throughout Aeternum, but some regions have more platinum than others. Until then, the best places to find and cultivate platinum in New World are at Reekwater, Edengrove and Shattered Mountain.

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If your intention is to get platinum, know that these regions are full of threats and dangers. Mining the resource itself is easy, but getting to the site requires some planning, as your safety is also at risk.

Map Regions

A number of suitable platinum mining sites can be found along the mountainous border west of Reekwater, mainly around Skyview Repose and south of Mosswater Bourg. However, if you want to go out on a Mining Expedition to these areas, you should be very careful as high-level enemies can spawn nearby.


Edengrove is another excellent place to grow platinum. Several locations with the resource available are on the rocky ridges from the west to the centre of the region. There’s also an ideal mining trail between Fanglethorn Pass and Creeping Reach, with a number of different platinum-friendly spots. The level of monsters and enemies here can vary, and you may find opponents level 50 or more.

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Before entering the dangerous kingdom of Shattered Mountain, you must equip your best weapons and resources. Enemies that roam this region are usually level 60 and will undoubtedly pose a considerable threat if you want to mine platinum. Fortunately, if you manage to survive the region’s obstacles, you can find platinum in abundance further west, which is sure to be a valuable reward for all your effort.

It is important to note that New World is still in the closed beta version, that is, all these places may undergo changes with the official launch of the game.