Where You Can Read the Boruto Chapter 55 Manga

Do you want to read the Boruto Chapter 55 manga? Well, watch out! We tell you where you can read it officially.

Next week we have a no of mangas upcoming. The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 manga is coming, of which you can see the first images at this link, but we will also have the Boruto 55 manga coming.

It will officially arrive on Friday, February 19. If you want to read, it will be available at Manga Plus, a platform that publishes other manga such as the aforementioned Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, Black Clover, One Piece.

Read manga Boruto 55: Naruto Next Generations

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Manga plot

In this era, the Great Ninja War is a thing of the past and the Hidden Leaf Village enjoys peace. The son of the Seventh Hokage, Boruto, has been living sadly in the shadow of the enormous influence of his father, oblivious to the new catastrophe that looms over the world.