Who was the first person Itachi killed? in Naruto

Itachi became known for the great massacre of the Uchiha clan in Naruto, but after all, who was the first person he killed in his life?

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Naruto – Who was the first person Itachi killed?

When Itachi was four years old, the third great ninja war was taking place. This war raged for a long time and it was there that Itachi was forced to take his first life.

The Kanabi Bridge needed to be destroyed by Konoha, as that’s where the enemies exchanged supplies, and it was Kakashi’s team’s task to destroy this bridge. After the conflict he witnessed, Itachi walks through the battlefield and observes the amount of dead there.

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And still, in this scene, he discovers a wounded soldier from the village of stone, Itachi makes mention of wanting to help him, but his father forces him to slit the soldier’s throat. His father explains that this is the true essence of war and nothing could be done for this man.