Yashahime Episode 14: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online

Together with the show gradually coming to the conclusion of the year, Episode 13 of Yashahime begins with Totetsu, the fourth member of the Four Perils, attacking a bunch of Igbo monks to maximize his abilities.


Learning about the episode, Kohaku directs Towa, Setsuna, and Hisui to explore and shield Hisui’s daddy, Miroku.

Afterwards, Toketsu strikes Miroku to devour his own abilities but the sisters divert his every assault and afterwards use religious powers to frighten him off.


Will Setsuna be able to recollect her memories of the past? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode of Yashahime.

Episode 14 Release Date

Episode 14 of this Yashahime anime, also titled “The One Behind the Forest Fire”, will soon be published on Saturday, Jan 09, 2021. You are able to get the most recent episode on Crunchyroll a couple of hours following its official Japanese air.

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Is Yashahime On A Break This Weekend?

Yes, Yashahime will be on a break next week. Episode 14 will be released on 9th Jan instead.


Episode 14 Speculation

A little preview of Episode 14 was revealed at the conclusion of the thirteenth event. Homura is astonished to observe the sisters owning the rainbow pearls and strategies to strike.

Fans are eager to find a few sin into Towa and Setsuna’s last as the following installment will eventually show how the 2 sisters were split from the woods fire.

Who resulted in the woods fire and that which was Tamano’s function within it?Episode 14 might show some facts behind it delve deeper in the past where all of the adults were present.

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